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      Custom furniture market will flourish

      According to authoritative statistics, in 2015 the scale of the domestic furniture market has more than one trillion yuan, ranking first in the world. Although the share of custom furniture in 2015 alone accounted for 10% of the overall furniture market, but this one hundred billion yuan of market size has the potential to become a thriving furniture market, the industry.
      Custom furniture is currently mainly refers to the integration of home, but also the so-called big home concept. Furniture enterprises in addition to providing conventional products, but also to the custom cabinets, cloakroom, storage cabinet accessories and software installed direction of extension, and building materials business seems to prefer the concept of full house custom, not only provide traditional doors, cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, floors, more deeply into the idea of furniture, this one especially in wood custom manufacturers has been embodied.
      Wardrobe enterprises to seize business opportunities for development
      With the improvement of consumer life taste and the increasingly strong demand for personalized, in recent years, the traditional wardrobe and other furniture styles have been unable to meet their needs. According to the different requirements of consumers, wardrobe production companies launch personalized custom services, to effectively meet the needs of consumers to become the trend of the times. Indeed, the custom wardrobe is very good to meet the difference between the use of space and the users individual needs.
      In addition, with the market has gradually become the main consumer market, the main force of the consumer market, consumer habits and ideas and their parents are completely different, the traditional wardrobe style is difficult to meet their individual needs. Custom wardrobe will meet their personalized, diversified choice of demand. Therefore, the future trend of the wardrobe Market, but also to the real needs of consumers as a guide, and gradually meet the markets personalized needs.

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